Perfectly Clear v4.1.4 APK is not your ordinary photo app


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Perfectly Clear v4.1.4 APK is not your ordinary photo app

Perfectly Clear is not your photo application, library or packet filters typical edition. It is an intelligent image correction awarded, which improves your images with one touch. All 18 corrections occur automatically so you get professional-looking photos without complex and tedious editing. It also includes powerful settings such as Embellish, which makes it easy to get your best look ever.

Perfectly Clear counters the limitations of the camera 18 by applying automatic corrections to your photos. Perfectly Clear captures life without filters, without mask or overwhelm anything. Our corrections are designed to highlight the beauty that was always there so that every picture look as vibrant as life itself.
characteristics: Next Generation beautify get your best look -Beautify Our technology automatically detects gender, age and facial features to apply the right amount of correction. We have improved the existing Skin softening, tooth whitening, eye enhancement and elongation. In addition, we have added 6 new and surprising automatic corrections: - Thinning face. - Removal of dark circles, shine, blemishes and red eyes - Eye reflexes The powerful photo browser lets you crop, delete, rotate and more! Quickly displays your images in a gallery to no longer have to go to another application to view them. Significantly faster! Fix your photos up to two times faster.  Quick Fix Fixes with a touch directly from the new photo browser.  You can fit all the power of a DSLR camera in your pocket? With v4.0 can perfectly clear. Our advanced camera features face detection, blink and smile that automatically captures the picture or the perfect autofoto, powerful panorama, HDR and amazing. We have also taken advantage of the latest innovations Lollipop Android, giving bursts of high speed with high resolution, widescreen full resolution (Nexus 6 and 9) for HDR shooting fast-moving subjects, total control white balance and more. Automatic image correction: to perfection What's behind our award-winning technology? 14 years of R & D, 10 patented processes and 18 unique algorithms. We've cracked the code to correct each pixel independently. It's like if your photo was taken 21 MP with 21 million separate openings. Perfection proven over 30 million times a day Major retailers, seasoned professionals and avid fans, all depend on our technology to create stunning photos automatically and effortlessly.
Additional Information :
Category: Pro APPS
Size: 36 MB
Update:  23 December   2015
Installations at the moment: Between 100,000 and 500,000
Reviews: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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