Best 7 Apps on Android that you will not find in the iPhone


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Best 7 Apps on Android that you will not find in the iPhone

There is no doubt that Android is the life of all smart phone users. This system is unique applications and offer great productivity for users. Being an open-source operating system, it achieves great flexibility for developers and programmers. Although most of the applications you may find in other platforms, but there are a few applications that are exclusively available on the android. So let's recognize today at 7 Apps on the system that you may not find in the iPhone.

1) Muzei Live Wallpaper v 2.0.2:
Muzei is one best of applications that you can set live wallpapers for your phone screen change every day!
*Installations at the moment: Between 500,000 and 1 000,000

Muzei app Source+APK


2) AppLock Face/Voice Recognition v1.2.13-b47:
You can lock various apps on the Android using this application. The application provides the option of using your face as well as audio to open the phone and access as well as for your applications. The application is characterized by a very advanced algorithms, capable of facial recognition and voice and distinguish them. The application is available for free
*Installations at the moment: Between 10,000 and 50,000


3)  Google Keep - notes and lists v3.1.204.00:
Google Keep app is one of the best applications on the observation Alatalaq.vho features many of the tools and options that make it easy to create lists of tasks, and write your notes with the ability to add colors to it, and you can also record and attach an audio clip enclose any Note etc.
*Installations at the moment: Between 10,000 000 and 50,000 000


4) Lux Lite v1.99.9999.1l
It is also an important application to keep your eyes while using a mobile phone. This application is to change the brightness in your phone automatically and intelligent on the basis of place that resides in it.
*Installations at the moment: Between 100 000 and 500 000


5) Light Flow Lite - LED Control
Of things that can be changed and control on Android is "Notifications", since you can change and control as you like by using this free application, which lets you customize the colors of light notifications on your phone, you can set a custom color for text, phone call, etc. ...
*Installations at the moment: Between 5,000,000 - 10,000,000


6) HoverChat Free (Ninja SMS)
App of communication and chat, with this application you can send messages and chat without without stopping what you are doing. It enables you to continue the conversation with your friends while using another application, or perform any other task on your phone.
*Installations at the moment: Between 500,000 - 1,000,000

7) Cover Lock Screen (beta) v0.1.13
Cover helps you quick access to your favorite applications in a timely manner .Cover is developing applications on the side of the lock screen for easy access. You can see different applications according to where you are at home, in the car, and work .. automatically.
*Installations at the moment: Between 1,000,000 - 5,000,000

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