HERE v1.1 best offline Maps APK


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

HERE v1.1 best offline Maps APK

Perhaps the first thing you think of when you want to travel and visit a new area, whether in your country or in the second country is to get on the map of the most important places worth visiting, as well as hotels near those places Alsaahih.pfdil smartphones this task today has become easier and better through applications that allow you to identify any spot in the world is very advanced in terms of maps detailed information Almekdmh.tava most of these applications, including Google application depends mainly on the Internet for access to all services and maps, but in this post you will learn with me on a distinct application does not require you Availability on the Internet in your phone to browse the map of any area in the world.

HERE the best Maps offline APK

The first and best of these Apps is the application HERE from Nokia, this application I consider very competitors to Google Maps because of the wealth of detailed information and services in the field of mapping and navigation. On the contrary to what might seem by its name, is not exclusive to Windows phones. You can also download the application for free Allondroed as well as the iPhone .nukia HERE phones allows you to download maps from more than 100 countries, including some custom or specific areas, which you can download maps for use in the post when they do not have any Internet connection. There is no limit to the number of maps that allows you to upload, then it just depends on the storage capacity of your mobile phone. However, the only requirement to do so is that you create an account in the application, either by using the e-mail address or your Facebook.

HERE the best Maps offline APK

In addition, the application includes voice navigation works all over the world, traffic information for more than 40 countries, information and maps of public transport for more than 900 city and the way that show you different alternatives for walking or driving or public transport available for the interface that destination scheme .

Additional Information :
Category: Pro Games
Size: 38 Mb
Update:  19 March 2015
Installations at the moment: Between 1 000,000 and 5 000,000
Reviews:4.4 ♦♦♦♦

Download HERE v1.1 APK

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