Top 5 apps to improve the performance of battery,and make them last longer


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Top 5 apps to improve the performance of battery,and make them last longer

I always look for the longest-lived of the phone battery, but the battery did not find until now, there is no problem, then you are in the right place, today through this post Satish you an opportunity to identify the best 5 applications can be used to increase the battery life of your phone. After today I do not need to search for a new phone a powerful battery if you are available on the application of these circumstances between applications.
Top 5 apps to improve the performance of battery,and make them last longer

Have you ever felt that what your phone's battery will last longer? Medm answers reason was due to the use of applications that use a lot of phone resources and occupies a large storage space, and games that make your phone screen operates many hours. There are many smart phones on the market these days and are mostly characterized by many of the specifications. When we want to buy a new phone are always looking for a particular specification, stylish design, high-quality camera taken it Sylvie, a large storage space ...., but the most important aspect is the battery life. In a recent poll show Medm people said that the battery life is the primary reason for choosing new phone. And we are here to provide the best 10 applications for a diaper on the battery life of Android phones.

Due battery saver

⦁ Due battery saver

Due battery saver application is available for free in the play store and you can use it to improve the performance of the battery by 50% .oeetmaz several properties Ktol and prepare for the general situation (general mode) and sleep mode (sleep mode). It can also prepare your special properties Lada was still continues to face a problem in the battery, and you can upgrade the application of up to 70% improvement with extra features

Juice defender

⦁ Juice defender

Android is an application reduces battery consumption through Internet data monitoring 3g / 4g)). Hedda application features several automatic features to not require extra effort from the user, stability and aggressive against anything that is harmful to your phone, which are used to improve battery performance in critical situations. The application is available in three versions to suit your specific needs.
Battery defender

⦁ Battery defender   

Battery defender is a free application by many non-expensive properties. The best thing in Hedda application is the percentage of remaining battery runs out, which Tdahr notices in the bar. The disable anything that consumes the battery while the phone is not used. Such as the wifi and bluetooth ... in addition to several other features.

Comodo battery saver

⦁  Comodo battery saver  

Comodo battery saver application is playing a key role in extending battery life. The provision of the battery consumption to the maximum extent possible, by disabling all applications that consume a large amount of battery and a single-step, and also lets you know the most consuming battery applications details.

Comodo battery saver

Easy battery application is an application that provides energy battery life of up to 50% increase. Using network management, screen timeout, and the level of radiation device brightness ..., Weaver as well as other advanced settings you can modify

These are the best applications to increase the battery life of your Smartphone, all free, all piloted tried to choose the appropriate application for your device.

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