Robo Defense v2.4.1 APK


Monday, February 16, 2015

Robo Defense v2.4.1 APK

Robo Defense is the ultimate experience of tower defense games. With open maps, upgrades, achievements and nice graphics.
Robo Defense v2.4.1 APK

The full version features 5 maps with unlimited upgrades and difficulty levels.

Robo Defense v2.4.1 APK

Advances in the free version is automatically imported into the full version, should choose to upgrade.

Performance tips: If the game runs slowly, try playing fully "zoomed". Turning off "High Quality Graphics Mode" in the options menu, will also help on some phone models.

Robo Defense v2.4.1 APK

What's New in Version :
Bug Fixes:
- Addressed graphic scaling issues on Motorola Razr and other devices.
- Fixed Achievement popup rendering.
- Increased the maximum vertical scrolling limit to make the placement of towers near the buttons easier.

Additional Information :
Category: Pro Games
Size: 8.8 Mb
Installations at the moment: Between 500,000 and 1 000,000
Source: GooglePlay

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