RepetiTouch Pro (root) v1.4.3 APK


Monday, February 2, 2015

RepetiTouch Pro (root) v1.4.3 APK

RepetiTouch allows easy recording and playback of touch events. Click the button and start recording - the panel will remain at the top most of the time! When you're done, you can play your screen events as easily. To access the menu, click the star.
RepetiTouch Pro (root) v1.4.3 APK

Important: This app requires root. Use at your own risk. If you do not know what "root", then do not install this application. It will not work without root!

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RepetiTouch Pro (root) v1.4.3 APK

RepetiTouch Pro (root) v1.4.3 APK

- Record and playback screen
- Record and replay of another input device through "additional input Events" (only on certain devices)
- Pause reps
- Supports Tasker
- The panel draggable, customizable
- Load and save records
- Auto-save / load last automatic registration
- Repeat with configurable loop
- Dim screen while playing (on selected devices)
- Hide panel while playing

Additional Information :
Category: Pro Apps
Size: 986 Kb
Installations at the moment: Between 50,000 and 10,000
Source: GooglePlay

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