Real Steel v1.22.2 APK


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Real Steel v1.22.2 APK

Based on the DreamWorks film starring Hugh Jackman, Real Steel is a fighting game in the underworld located in the near future where robots ten tons fight to the death in combat where anything goes.

The 'terror of the robots' is here! Introducing the new Gambit robot; from Las Vegas, USA. UU., Weighing 440 kg, Gambit is an evil killing machine! This agile fighter is the fastest fighter who can catch him, now available on your favorite game!

Just arrived from Kyoto, Japan, this machine almost 3 feet tall and weight 650 kilos give much to talk about!Known as 'The motorized drill', this giant robot is feared by his powerful pistons used to destroy your opponents!Fight at sea, with the new combat arena "cruise" available in your favorite game!
Real Steel v1.22.2 APK

As a further novelty, we presen t the new Team mode, allowing you to select two of your favorite robots to lead them to victory!Join your partner, and get rid of opponents!

Show what you're made in the real sport of steel!Start and fight!

To experience optimum performance, we recommend that you close all other applications and restart your device after downloading and before starting your first round of boxing.

Real Steel v1.22.2 APK
Real Steel v1.22.2 APK

- Choose a fighter from a selection of 24 robots champions of the film are included: Atom and Zeus!
- Choose between modes team challenges, tournament, survival training and get to fight
- Unlock 9 Special Edition robots each time you complete one of the game modes
- New mode Team: 3 on 3
- Build custom robots with the option Build Your Own Robot [PRTC]
- Multiple battle arenas

What's New in Version 1.22.2:
+ Bug Fixes & Optimizations
+ Engage In The Real Steel Super Brawl Update
+ Introducing:
-Play Epic 1vs1 Multiplayer Battle on Bluetooth With Your Friends
-All New Robot: TouchDown-The Football Giant
-Collect More Rewards In The New: TouchDown Challenge Zone

Additional Information :
Category: Pro Games
Size: 34Mb
Update:  2 February 2015
Installations at the moment: Between 100,000 and 500,000
Source: GooglePlay

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