Download Whistle Phone Finder v2.1


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Download Whistle Phone Finder v2.1

Download Whistle Phone Finder v2.1

Is it often with you that you forget your phone after keeping it somewhere at home or workplace? Actually this is the problem of lots of people and also frustrating while searching. Keeping this problem in mind, a new mobile app WhistlePhone Finder is developed.

Whistle Phone Finder is an android phone finder app that eliminates these frustrating and time taking searching of your misplaced phone. This phone locator app works in a fun way as you whistle and your android phone responds to it with sound notification that automatically leads you to find the phone. The application only works in sleep mode. When you whistle phone responds, you can turn off sound notification by unlocking the screen.

There are other such applications in the market but Whistle Phone Finder makes a difference than others as it also responds while in silent mode. It has lots of other unique features that will definitely fascinate you towards it.

  • 6 Attractive built-in themes.
  • 10 different sounds for sound notification
  • A wide range of whistle sensitivity
  • Runs in background
  • Responds in silent mode
  • Movable from Phone to SD card
  • Sound can also be selected from phone media
  • Additional feature of Flash light
  • Torch Widget
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible to Tablets now
  • Supports 50+ languages
Download Whistle Phone Finder v2.1Download Whistle Phone Finder v2.1
Download Whistle Phone Finder v2.1Download Whistle Phone Finder v2.1


No any phone locator app provides all these features that make Whistle Phone Finder unique and best mobile app in android market.

Now want to download the app? Download the app from GooglePlayStore.   

Developers website :

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Whistle Phone Finder

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