Battery Widget Reborn v2.0.11 APK


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Battery Widget Reborn v2.0.11 APK

Battery Widget Reborn v2.0.11 APK

New style battery widget with advanced features. Holo design theme perfectly coincides Android 4.x but can also be enjoyed on Android 2.3 (thanks to the library HoloEverywhere)

Battery Widget Reborn v2.0.11 APK

Application Features

Battery Widget
- Battery level indicator circle design fits perfectly pure Android
- Of size Android 4.x +
- Support for the main dock and external battery (only Asus Transformer)

Battery Basics
- Battery Information
- Shortcuts to Power-Summary / Background Sync / Wifi / BT Settings

Notification of the status bar battery status
- Multiple styles of icons
- Prediction (estimate) how long battery lasts
- Adaptive texts in the notification area (estimated time left, voltage, temperature, battery status)

Energy saving functionality
- Automatic mode plane overnight (simple but powerful battery saving functionality)

Notifications extended support for mobile Jelly Bean
- Optional diagram charging and discharging
- Related to the AC mains:
- Wifi
- bluetooth
- Synchronization background
- Airplane mode
- The priority of customizable notification

Battery Widget Reborn

additional Tools

- Torch
- Configure shortcuts
- Extension DashClock

Support for specific hardware
- Supports Motorola 1% increase
- Supports (spring) of the secondary battery Asus Transformer

Interface Holo themes on all phones with Android 2.3 +

Additional Information :
Category: Pro Apk Games
Apk Size: 5.62 Mb
Update:  22 octobre 2014
Requires Android:  Android 4.0 and above
Installations: Between 100,000 and 500,000
Source: PlayeStore

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