Q Remote Control for Android


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Q Remote Control for Android

QRemote Control APK

With QRemoteControl installed on your android device you can quickly management your laptop computer or computer or product via WiFi. For example by using the touch pad of your cellphone you can start the web internet browser and look at the webpages, mp3...
To create these alternatives possible QRemoteControl provides you a touch pad, a key-board, multi-media important factors and management buttons for beginning programs.

QRemote Control Android

The fresh design makes QRemoteControl an eye-catcher. Moreover several color designs for the user interface are available to adapt it to your individual flavor. Automatically switching from portrait to landscape mode is another feature making it perfectly fitting for the user in every situation.

For using the app you need to
- download and install the app on your phone and
- download and install the QRemoteControl-Server you can easily get on http://qremote.org on the item (computer, tablet, raspberry pi) you like to control! (By now the QRemote-Server application is available for Windows, Linux and Mac.)

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