Get latest version AVG Internet Security 2014 free for 1year


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Get latest version AVG Internet Security 2014 free for 1year

Once again this year the company raised AVG partnership with Huawei huawei new offer every fan of the famous AVG security software, especially version AVG Internet Security 2014, which is the most expensive version of the company posed just like the other companies that are versions internet security is more expensive versions in protection programs.
AVG Internet Security 2014 free for 1year
In order not to prolong you talk, the way to take advantage of this offer is very simple all you have to do is download Alenchh operating system compatible with both 64-bit or 32-bit. Do Btaatbeth version and then the activation will be automatic version starts in 374 days calculated Mend Taatbethk of the program. And advice to burn your program in a floppy disk, even in the case of if you Pfermth computer can refer to your copy at any time.

What's New in version AVG Internet Security 2014?

This version of the program AVG Internet Security 2014 In the new issuance can protect us to security threats following:

1. Unable to protect you from programs to hack as well as destructive computer viruses by adding new techniques in order to monitor the malware, especially with the development of encryption technologies.

2. Delete files from the computer will be more safely with AVG Internet Security 2014 so as to prevent the retrieval again

3. Protects you from downloading malicious software downloaded to your computer during and before the completion of the loading process in the case of disclosure is turned off.

4. Encrypts Basordatk portfolio on the computer and encrypts files.
Protects you from falling victim to spam or Alskimrz through protect you from some of the methods of social engineering, as well as advanced counterfeit thread.

5. Jmar firearm strong unable to prevent hackers from accessing your computer.

Download  AVG Internet Security 2014 ↓↓

AVG 32Bit    /   AVG 64Bit

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