Recognize about Cloud Antivirus


Monday, June 23, 2014

Recognize about Cloud Antivirus

Recognize about Cloud Antivirus

Recognize Cloud Antivirus

Antivirus is one of the most common software and the most important in any computer, and now today it is necessary to take precautions against problems or potential dangers that confront us on the web. Antivirus is the perfect solution to ensure our security and detect any virus, worm, Trojan, malware or malware In general that sneaks into our devices.

Cloud antivirus does not differ much from the traditional antivirus programs, but what distinguishes it enabled cloud and this means that it works on the internet! , And does not consume system resources, but does everything through the internet it works servers the company has nothing to do with your device, which makes it uniquely effective.

Here is a summary of the advantages of this type of protection programs:

  •     Quick access to data about malware and viruses.
  •     There's no need to update antivirus software regularly to ensure you're protected from the latest threats.
  •     The program discouraging in your very small nor requires that your many resources.
  •     It's free! You can get an enormous level of virus protection from free versions of antivirus software cloud.

Now you have the most important thing for taking a look around the software cloud antivirus:  ↓↓

Downlaod Cloud Antivirus


Baidu Antivirus (Free) HitmanPro (Paid/Free)
 Sophos Cloud(Paid)  TrendMicro HouseCall (Free)

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