DU Battery Saver


Thursday, June 19, 2014

DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver

“Battery Saver” is designed for Android mobile phone, Pad protecting super energy store. When the mobile phone battery energy pack is low or insufficient, users simply click the key to turn on energy protecting technique (default protecting technique is off WIFI, Wireless, GPS positioning, credentials light, set your mobile phone to silent, vibration technique off, the synchronous closed) .
Both the pc widget, need to turn on the energy protecting technique by clicking on the phone’s pc key to complete the operation. Product convenient, easy to use!
. quickly manage WIFI, Wireless, GPS positioning, credentials light, sound technique, synchronization, effectively help save energy.

DU Battery Saver Full APK

energy tracking, clearly shows battery energy pack position information, timely and accurate understanding of the health and fitness position of battery energy pack.
. personalized options protecting technique, user can use their own personalized options for energy protecting technique, control the energy state free to add humane.
. battery energy pack health and fitness settings: You can adjust itself so that a more accurate battery energy pack health and fitness using state of the mobile phone for accurate monitoring

Source: Google Store

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