Do you ask: how Whatsapp running on the computer?


Monday, June 2, 2014

Do you ask: how Whatsapp running on the computer?


Bluestacks is a program that allows its user to run the Android system on computers that run Windows or Mac or OS and allows entry for "Google Store" and the like to download different applications

Whatsapp running on the computer

has now become one of the largest networks of service communication popular in the world, and instant messaging for smartphones, and the service is owned now by Facebook .. The (WhatsApp) to send written messages, send pictures, videos, and messages recorder to millions of users.

"WhatsApp" is available for download only for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Nokia devices Windows Phone, some may be familiar with how to use the (WhatsApp) on the computer, drawing on the program (bluestacks), but how to prove and use the (WhatsApp) on your computer without the help of the program (BlueStacks)? Here's how:

1 - First you need "  Wassapp "↓↓  (not whatssapp)

- Is the application of a special computer with Matrouh unofficially users (WhatsApp), is free and you can install it without the need for any special requirements.

2 - After downloading install it and then run the program.

- Enter your phone number and password that you use on (WhatsApp).
- (New to WhatsApp)> (register your account).
- Now Add your firends and enjoy like you would on the WhatsApp on your mobile device.

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