Where to Watch FIFA World Cup 2014 for Free Online


Monday, June 9, 2014

Where to Watch FIFA World Cup 2014 for Free Online

FIFA World Cup 2014 for Free OnlineThere’s only per 7 days remaining for the much expected FIFA world cup 2014 to start in South america. none of us want to skip any of the 64 different matches which will be showed this season. But there will many of us who won’t be able to look at these suits on their TV due to work , university or various factors.
Until a few in the past, Tv sets were the only method through which you could observe all the FIFA globe cup suits. However, with the coming pc systems, mobile phones and most significantly broadband online relationships, televisions have not been the only resource of viewing FIFA world cup suits.

fifa world cup 2014 brazil live stream  700x393 Where to Watch FIFA World Cup 2014 for Free Online

For those who want have fun with stay telecast of all the FIfA 2014 world cup suits through their pc, smart phone or any other gadgets able of loading movie through the world wide web, here are a few sites that will be loading all the FIFA 2014 world cup through the world wide internet.

Watch FIFA World Cup 2014 live

In the US

Like the past few years, this year too ESPN has acquired the rights to stream all the 64 matches of FIFA world cup 2014 through its watch ESPN project on the internet. The live stream can be streamed on smartphones, PC’s, tablets, consoles but you will require to have a cable subscription.


Android and iOS users can download the EspnWATCH app on their handheld devices to stream all the FIFA world cup 2014 matches.

    Download: WatchESPN for Android
    Download: WatchESPN for iOS

Unfortunately, for android and iOS users residing outside of the US, you won’t be able to install the EspnWATCH app on your phone.

In the UK

BBC will be streaming all the 64 matches of the FIFA world cup 2014 in the UK for free. However only viewers from the UK will be able to view BBC’s coverage of the world cup 2014 for free. If you are from the UK, you can watch the live stream of FIFA world cup 2014 though the BBC iPlayer or ITV.

    BBC iPlayer

Since BBC’s coverage of the FIFA world cup 2014 is free, you can make use of VPN’s to bypass the Geolocation IP blocking and access BBC’s live stream of the FIFA world cup 2014 for free from any location. This in my opinion is the best way to watch all the FIFA world cup 2014 matches for free on the internet.
Rest of the World

For those who are staying outside of the US and UK, you can easily find live streams to watch the FIFA world cup matches online as many generous FIFA fans would be setting up dedicated live streams for the event. These live streams can be accessed from many websites on the internet, but we will advise you to watch the live streams from reputed sources only.

Here are a few websites from where you can grab hold of the live stream links for all the FIFA world cup 2014 matches. We will keep adding more websites as soon as possible.


FIFA world cup 2014 broadcasting Rights List

Last but not the least, take a look at this official FIFA World Cup 2014 Broadcasting Rights List to find out which company is going to broadcast the FIFA world cup 2014 in your country. The list also states the medium of broadcast such as Radio, mobile, internet and TV.

Download File ↓

FIFA World Cup 2014

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