2014 YouTube Downloader 2.6.5


Thursday, May 15, 2014

2014 YouTube Downloader 2.6.5

Since it was difficult to directly download HD movie,video  from YouTube , YouTube Downloader HD now allows you to do this. Through are user-friendly interface, this application is very easy to deal with.
Best way to download any video
from YouTube.

YouTube Downloader HD is a free device to obtain high-definition (HD) movie on Youtube.com . It can then be stored in a directory of your choice in the computer. Use of this application is very simple. Actually, you just need to copy the URL of video clip and paste it on Youtube Downloader HD interface , and begin a obtain , it only has to click "Start". The downloadable files will be stored in five different types as appropriate. These are the types MP4 , AVI HD ( 720p) and AVI FULL HD ( 1024p ) for HD and FLV and AVI for movie conventional quality video clips. Youtube. com Downloader HD also features Unicode , a operate that allows you to preserve video clips with unique figures such as Japanese people, China or Cyrillic assistance. It can also assistance large movie clips .

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