SIM Card Manager APK


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

SIM Card Manager APK

SIM Card Manager android
SIM Card Manager is a very tiny (only 57 kB!) tool that reads your phone SIM card and displays many useful information:
- Phone type (GSM, CDMA etc.)
- Phone number
- IMEI of the device
- SIM state (SIM absent, network locked, PIN required, PUK required, ready)
- SIM country ISO code
- SIM operator code
- SIM operator name
- Network type (GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, UMTS, HDPA etc.)
- Network country ISO code
- Network operator code
- Network operator name
- Network service state (registered to network, network not available, emergency numbers only, service powered off)
- Network selection status (automatic or manual)
- Roaming status (active or inactive)
- Voice mail text ID
- Voice mail number
The program also details connections saved on the SIM cards and allows you to do several functions with the chosen one (call, deliver SMS, discuss, duplicate to clipboard, duplicate to the cellphone, remove from SIM cards etc.).

SIM Card Manager For your smartphone

As an addition, SIM Card Administrator details cellphone and Search engines connections in individual an eye as well.
To access more features, please use a long simply just click any detailed product.
Thank you for using SIM Card Administrator and you can check out our other programs.
Explanation of permissions required by the application:
READ_PHONE_STATE – to read information from the SIM card
READ_CONTACTS – to obtain the SIM card contact list
WRITE_CONTACTS – to delete the selected contact

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