Atari Game Collection free download


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Atari Game Collection free download

Atari Games . Many of us he loved those games fine , which was for us the time of its appearance revolution in the gaming world was not the means of entertainment are in abundance and were those games take much free time for us and we are childs so as a result of the large number of playing those games .

AtariGames  2014

 And therefore offer you all Games Atari Nintendo and super Nintendo and Sega and other ancient different for game such as aircraft and super Mario ancient and Street Fighter and Tanks and Batman and Racing cars and hundreds of games from Atari , which does not ninety memory in the display and all games are small and have been collecting all those games in the three tapes each bar contains more than 100 games with the emulator to run on the computer directly
AtariGames old

AtariGames AtariGames

After downloading the file extract file produced by two folders named Program to run the games, which open the folder and choose the icon shown above for run program 

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