Wifi Scan APK


Monday, April 21, 2014

Wifi Scan APK

wifi scan
Android operating system App that can be used as a Wi-Fi analyzer. This app allows us know the Wi-Fi systems you have useful, as well as information about the same (SSID, protection kinds that assistance, route used, indication durability …). With these information, we can enhance our Wi-Fi system by modifying the factors of attention.

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On the first tab (NETS) reveals a record of close by systems that is able to identify your Android operating system system, displaying its SSID, indication durability, MAC deal with of the wireless router or entry way (BSSID), features of protection in the important route and the indication durability indicated in sound levels (db).
On the second tab (PLOT) reveals a bar chart to see at a look the programs used by the systems and the energy of their alerts. This display is very useful to see if you need to alter your wireless router route to prevent route overlap and that the efficiency of our system is not decreased.

Wifi analyz

The tab (DISCOVER) allows us to find the pc systems that are linked with our system. With this application we find out in our system criminals.
The tab (PING) is a easy application to make “PING” an IP deal with or variety name. In this way, we can figure out whether a laptop or computer is operating at any time.
The above options selection is perspective delicate, so based on the display in which we will display some other options. In the NETWORKS and GRAPHICS display, the options we have are:
• Relationship Details. It indicates the present information on the Wi-Fi connection we have on your Android operating system, if we are linked with one.
• Preserve. We will save a PDF review that has a record of Wi-Fi systems shown on the display. In the “PLOT tab” this review contains the graph
• Discuss. Lets share our connections and buddies implementing a easy way through the programs set up on the international airport, whether the email customer, Facebook or myspace, Tweets, Google+, Whatsapp,…

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