The Lawless it's a Good games for android


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Lawless it's a Good games for android

The Lawless is a cinematic , first-person shooter set in the dark and violent world of the Old West . The game is Focused on speed and accuracy as you tap-to -kill targets and points score by Creating a consistent flow through the game .

As you play the game , you play the role of a heartbroken and angry man Who has only one thought on His Mind , revenge ! Help him avenge His Brother by defeating the criminals That savagely murdered him , enforcing the law in your own style .

Kill your foes in a variety of ways with our detailed targeting system . Shoot them in the head , heart or Wherever else you like , altho you might not get a very high score if you shoot them in the hand !

• High Quality graphics
3D graphics That submerges you in the world of The Lawless old west . Dusty bars , lone firing ranges and more Will greet you as you explore the old west .

• Fun tap-to -kill game play
Tap your enemies to shoot them before they shoot you. Make safe to Quickly get em so you do not fall foul That of Any sneaky attacks .

• Hardcore Mode
Feel like something more challenging ? Hardcore Mode Allows you head and heart shots only, whilst aussi Removing checkpoints and shot indicators , so one shot means clustering game over.

• Leaderboards
Try and Become the best of your friends whilst making your way to the top of the leaderboards .

• Achievements
Six Unique and interesting achievements for every level , Including 3 secret ones . You Will need to master Each level in a variety of different ways in order to accomplish achieve everything .

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