Go TouchHelper for android


Monday, January 20, 2014

Go TouchHelper for android

We introduce you a brand new product of GO Launcher DEV Team -- TouchHelper!

Touch Helper, mix core features into this All-In-One App -- time & weather, calender, phone calls & contacts, message, switch, favorite app lists. Helpful, convenient and efficient, all in one screen!

Go launcher

more than 70% percent of mobile phone features are never used, so here is the remaining 30.

After the installation, slide down with two fingers on your screen to open TouchHelper.

What's TouchHelper Point

you can access to GO TouchHelper anytime & anywhere! Click the point to open TouchHelper, long press to hide the point in notification bar.


Time / Weather
Calender / Events
Contacts / Recent calls
New message / Recent message
System Switches
Favorite App Lists

how to uninstall
Click the gear icon to open settings menu - Uninstall GO TouchHelper

Please give a try and tell us what you think! Looking forward to see your feed back!

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