Voice Remote Control Camera - Free Android apk


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Voice Remote Control Camera - Free Android apk

Remote control camera by the sound
This application lets you can remote control the camera inside Smart Phone.
In other words, responding to sounds, the camera inside Smart Phone work automatically and you can take a photo hands free.
! Android4.X or more recommended
For example, this application saves you from clicking the shutter button when you want to take a photo at the sightseeing spot, or marrying ceremony.
Direction for use
First, you touch “Shutter Keyword” in order to register a keyword to make your phone work.
Second, you touch “Shooting start”.
Finally, you say a keyword, and the photography will start automatically.
Usually taken at the volume button UP. I can silence shooting at the volume button DOWN.
You can…
take a photo automatically by sounds
take a photo also by the clapping or tapping, beside your voice
put the taken photos in order.
use silent mode.
use autofocus.
some kinds of flashes for the photography.
specify the folder preserving photos.
When you use this application, you must let your phone can access the internet, because your phone will operate an analysis of sounds through it.
Your phone needs installed the application of Google sounds searching.(almost all the Smart Phone have installed this application already. If your phone don’t have it, you can download by GooglePlay.)
If you distant from microphone, and make sounds, it will be hard for phone to catch the sounds. Equipping a better microphone on the phone, it can receive the sounds
more distant.
 Thank you for reading.

source: GooglePlay

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