The famous game Cadillacsand Dinosaurs on your Android


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The famous game Cadillacsand Dinosaurs on your Android


Cadillacs&Dinosaurs is a classic beat 'em up side-scrolling game,story based on comic book series Xenozoic Tales.Now this game is ported to android platform with fully touch-screen gesture support,control game character by touch and fling on the screen,instead of using soft-keyboard, you'll find it much easier to perform complicated actions.For example,if you want make a game character perform a DASH ATTACK,just a single fling forward in action area will do.


"The past and future have collided in a world gone mad ..." This is a comic-strip style beat-em-up, set on the east coast in 2513, that stars four characters: Jack Tenrec, Mess O'Bradovich, the lovely Diplomat and Explorer Hannah Dundee and Mustapha Cairo. They all drive around in their Cadillacs battling against the Black Marketeers and the odd dinosaurs.


The game screen is divided into two area,DIRECTION AREA and ACTION AREA,you can perform follow actions:

1.Drag in DIRECTION AREA to control directions.
2.Click in ACTION AREA to do normal attack.
3.Fling Down in ACTION AREA for super attack.
4.Fling Forward in ACTION AREA to dash kick.
5.Fling Up-Forward in ACTION AREA for jump kick.
6.Fling Down-Forward in ACTION AREA to perform super jump attack.
7.Fling Up in ACTION AREA to for special attack.


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