Call of Duty®: Strike Team v1.0.30.40254 Free apk


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Call of Duty®: Strike Team v1.0.30.40254 Free apk

Call of Duty®: Strike Team v1.0.30.40254 

Call of Duty ® : Strike Team offers a new experience Call of Duty ® to the first or third person specifically designed for mobile phones and tablets . You will have the ability to fully customize the equipment and skills of your squad before leading them to fight in different environments Thurs Call of Duty ® : Strike Team is the first game that allows you to switch from one view to the third person on the battlefield tactics for the third person to observe the battlefield and coordinate attacks.

We are in 2020. Tensions increased between the superpowers . Hit by a surprise attack, the United States went to war against a faceless enemy . Your mission : to lead a team of special operations around the world to find those responsible .
Play your way . Switching from the first to the third person at any time. Customize your squad members strategically choosing their weapons , their strengths and armor.
CAMPAIGN MODE: Enjoy an immersive single player campaign packed grandiose scenes taking place in various locations around the world.
SURVIVAL MODE: Put your skills to the test while fighting enemy waves of increasingly powerful . Challenge your family, friends and the community of Call of Duty ® : Strike Team to dominate the rankings.
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