VideoShow Pro - Video Editor v5.1.5 APK

VideoShow has 40 million users worldwide and is the video editor No. 1 in the Android market. VideoShow brings excellent video editing experience for you.
VideoShow Pro - Video Editor v5.1.5 APK

Pro version has some different characteristics
- No Ad
- You can download exclusive materials for Pro users.
- Compatibility with 4K video.  characteristics - (Exclusive) Video editor with integrated environment, what you see is what you get! - (New) Make video with pictures! Mix video and picture together! - (Exclusive) You can add text to video. You can add multiple text to video, adjust these with precise timing, various colors. - (Exclusive) Add beautiful effects to your videos, now with five compatible video filters, which are Georgia, Sepia, Recho, Sahara, Polaroid. - Add music, cropping, instant preview with video - Trim your videos - Combine your videos. You can combine videos of different format - Export videos in two modes: Keeping quality video / Compressed quality. - Share your videos to YouTube / Facebook / Twitter VideoShow Pro - Video Editor NEW:
V5.1.5 2015-12-16 1. Improve video trimming experience 2. Improve "precise time" experience V5.1.0 2015-11-30 1. Optimize video quality greatly 2. Optimize several user experience 3. Fix some other bugs V5.0.5 2015-11-23 1.Fix crash when exporting 80% on some devices
Additional Information :
Category: Pro Apps
Size: 20 MB
Update:  16 December   2015
Installations at the moment: Between 10,000 and 50,000
Reviews: ♦♦♦♦

VideoShow Pro - Video Editor v5.1.5 APK

VideoShow Pro - Video Editor v5.1.5 APK

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