I, Gladiator v1.3.0.21506 Apk+Data

I, Gladiator offers an almost too real experience of a bloody gladiatorial combat. This is not a simple hack & slash game. To prevail you would need to be cunning as well as strong, work out a strategy for every level, use environment to your advantage, notice and utilize enemy’s weaknesses and last, but not the least, win that spoiled crowd.
I, Gladiator v1.3.0.21506 Apk+Data

– FREE MOVEMENT 3D COMBAT with intuitive control system allowing for different maneuvers and combos
– FIGHT MULTIPLE DIFFERENT ENEMIES AT ONCE, each with unique combat style. A real gladiatorial arena mayhem!
– HUGE INVENTORY OF VARIOUS WEAPONS AND ARMOR at your arsenal. You may even pick up or rent a new one at the arena’s workshop and re-arm yourself during the battle
– STUNNING CARTOONISH GRAPHICS that make you believe you are holding a console in your
– DISMEMBER your enemies if you master special strikes!

I, Gladiator v1.3.0.21506 Apk+Data

– HUNGRY VICIOUS LIONS to spoil your day!
– VARIOUS ARENA TRAPS to avoid and put to your advantage
– AMAZON GAME CIRCLE SUPPORT, enthralling achievements and leaderboards to challenge your friends
– NON-REPETITIVE STORYLINE professionally voiced in Latin

I, Gladiator v1.3.0.21506 Apk+Data

What's New in version
Decreased the time for a battle to 2 minutes!!!
More battles per hour - more trophies!!!

Additional Information :
Category: Pro Games
Apk Size: 19 MB
Data Size: 120 MB (Installation Auto)
Update:  16 January 2015
Installations at the moment: Between 500,000 - 1,000,000
Reviews:4.6 ♦♦♦♦

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