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GPS Waypoints Navigator v8.52 APK

Turn your phone into the most powerful Android devices with GPS Navigator GPS Waypoints. With dozens of options for navigation by country, canals and roads, the toolkit that is in this software package will quickly become your best friend.

GPS Waypoints Navigator v8.52 APK

★ Waypoint and Management Systems Trail.
★ Waypoint File System (new in version 7.1).
★ Waypoint photography
★ Online and offline maps. Cache maps for offline use memory. Choose from multiple sources maps: Topo Maps, Google Maps, satellite maps, OpenStreetMap-Mapnik, MapQuest, Cycling Maps and OpenSeaMap.
★ KML import and export of trails and waypoints. His exported data can be viewed and navigable devices of your friend and Google Earth.
★ A panel for all the parameters of your GPS.
★ navigation compasses.
★ Trail Recorder.
★ Military Coordinate finder
★ Several waypoint creation tools: Enter coordinates, set a waypoint tapping on a map, save your current location or enter an address (voice input supported).
★ guidance systems including a waypoint Waypoint Two dynamic compass that always points to your target and a new concept of Navigation-GPS Reflected Pseudo-Radar (available only DS Software).

GPS Waypoints Navigator v8.52 APK

★ Guidance System Trail.
★ Search: Supports input addresses and coordinates in almost any format including UTM and MGRS.
★ Satellite reports including bar graphs satellite signal and mapping satellite position.
★ Send a map of their position. Navigation software is not required on the recipient's device.
★ Seamless integration with Google Earth.
★ Time odometer / speedometer / Estimate Arrival / remaining time.
★ Reporting for sea.
★ Supports multiple formats coordinates: Latitude / Longitude in degrees, DEG: min or degrees: min: sec, UTM, MGRS.
★ Proximity alert.
★ determined from the compensated altitude values in the databases of the survey of the land that gives values that are more reliable than altitude values returned from GPS position of your device chip Altitude.
★ floating grid map showing the position with the bearing and distance to the grid.
★ report-Does Sunrise requires no network connection. It is useful for planning expedition turn around time or time for camping.
★ The data is backed up that allows battery change without data loss.

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Additional Information :
Category: Android Apps
Size: 12 Mb
Update:  8 January 2015
Installations at the moment: Between 10,000 and 50,000
Source: GooglePlay
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