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Heavenly Skies v1.2 APK

In Heavenly Skies can see skies full 3D. Dynamic clouds, wind, meteors, leaves, flowers, and more. You can change colors, scenes and many other options.

Heavenly Skies v1.2 APK
+ 19 preset scenes
+ 11 background
+ 7 leaves and colorful flowers
+ 18 types and colors Aurora / Aura
+ 6 types and colors of Meteors
5+ star flashing colors
+ Dynamic clouds, wind
+ Random: sky, leaves, flowers, meteors, aurora, stars
+ All items on / off
+ Movement accelerometer
+ Movement gyroscope (default) if available

This livewallpaper works well on smartphones and tablets!

Heavenly Skies

What's New in Version 1.2

+ NEW option: Gyroscope camera move (default) if available
+ NEW 3 backgrounds: Deep Space, Morning Sky, Calm Sky
+ NEW option: branches on / off

Additional Information :
Category: Android Games
Size: 16 Mb
Update:  04 Nove;ber 2014
Requires Android:  2.1 or later
Installations: Between 1,000 and 5,000
Source: PlayeStore
Download Heavenly Skies v1.2 APK
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